Symbol of the holy M, ever shielding us.

The Holy Church of Shield==

In the days that followed the protector's death, many repented their sins against the valliant Marauder Shields and started a noble cause: to spread his word and tell others of his sacrifice.

"He fought at the blazing gateway so as to spare us the grief and torture inflicted upon all those who misunderstood him by the tesla-starchild"   - Ruins 7:13 and a 1/2

Summary of his holy work up to "The Journey"Edit

The full extent of his most holy works are still being translated from his rage-induced scrawls. These are as a result of knowing of the "buggering" that was prepearing to taint the wonderous world, which he had made his sworn duty to protect, even in death.

The great Marauder Shields, being an official class X game tester got to play Mass Effect 3 over 40 years early (at this stage in development, this game was commonly refered to as "Super Tetris Brothers II: Revenge of Donkey Pong"). As a result he saw the endings slightly earlier than most. The great Marauder Shields then went onto becoming the greatest invert-planker the galaxy has ever known, beating the previous champion: Plywood "da skullcrsha" 2X4, by throwing him across the room.

Harbinger, being jealous of the Great One's fame, devised a devious plan to trap Marauder Shields, involving a pedofile, a white van and a $h!7load of ducktape. His plan failed, resulting in the 1st purge of London. Every roll of tape was destroyed and the respective factories were teepeed.


The Three Husketeers, Reathos, Reaporthos and Areapis

The Calibrator

The Dismissor

The Rogue

That Guy Who You Get The Garage Pass From On Noveria In The First Game


The Child (who fell and is now known as the starchild, cursed forever to live in multicoloured monotony)

The JourneyEdit

The title given to the holy Marauder Shields' attempt to save Commander Shepard.

"Gathering his strength he set off on his journey" - Journies 5:8